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Fresh, Seasonal and Big on Taste

Just in case you were wondering...

What we do.


At The Little Deli, our aim is to suit every dietary requirement, all under one roof so everyone in your party is happy and eats well. We use fresh ingredients and pride ourselves in catering for everyones taste.

Is The Little Deli just vegan?


All of our Buddha, Dragon and soup are always exclusively vegan. We have vegan platters, Yoghurt and all milk alternatives, however, we are not a totally vegan establishment.

Are we baby friendly?


Yes, yes YES!!! We have baby changing facilities and high chairs. Anything you need for your little ones, we try our best to provide. We have a children's menu and anything on our adult menu can be made smaller.

Can we eat in?


Of course you can. We do recommend that you book ahead as we are literally a little deli; we get busy quite quickly. You can grab go though if that is more convenient? Our take away is express and fresh!

Full English Breakfast?


We don't... we really don't. But we challenge you to our version... parma cups is a perfect compromise and we promise you will not be disappointed!

Do we deliver?


Not yet... but we will be... very soon!! Keep you eye on this space, we will be shouting it from the roof tops when it is perfect and ready to roll!!

Who we are, where we come from...

The Gruesome Twosome:


We are Rania and Jules, two mums, 5 children, crazy lifestyles with a huge passion for preparing, cooking and eating well. As well as all this we have a habit of making enough food to feed the 5000 everytime we cook! (We wouldn't have it any other way!)

The Reason:


We both live in the area, we know whats missing right on our doorsteps; a place that we can go to that has beautiful, prepared food that is ready to go. No waiting, no preparation, buy it and tuck in. We love big flavours and we don't skimp on quality or quantity.

The Passion:


The passion behind us is our love of good food, our family time and creating a place where we would visit and return time and time again.  We have both got this amazing opportunity and we hope you agree, the concept is pretty awesome. 

We know the secret to giving food big flavours and we want to share that with you... so come and see us, we would love to meet you.

Our Fabulous Suppliers